New White Paper from PreEmptive Solutions:

Application Protection - Why Bother?
Why should a developer (or parent organization) bother to protect their applications? Given the fact that PreEmptive Solutions builds application security and risk management software, you might think that we are somehow being snarky and rhetorical – but, please be assured, we are not.

The only way to answer such a question is to first know what it is you need protection from. If you’re tempted to answer with something like “to protect against reverse engineering or tampering,” that is not a meaningful answer – your answer needs to consider what bad things happen if/when those things happen. Are you looking to prevent piracy? Intellectual property theft? AGAIN – not good enough – the real answer is going to have to be tied to lost revenue, operational disruption resulting financial or other damage, etc. Unless you can answer these questions – it is impossible to appropriately prioritize your response to these risks.

The following white paper is distillation of how to approach managing the unique risks that stem from developing in .NET and/or Java (managed code).

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